Marc Truijen

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Mercedes-Benz Callcenter Europe (maastricht) 2002

The art gallery (intranet)
The new artist who is displaying his work in the restaurant this month is called Marc Truijen.

Marc lives in Meerssen and finished his studies at the 'Stadsacademie voor toegepaste kunsten' in Maastricht in 1984. He specialises in metal sculpting, using mainly bronze as his material.

Marc's father is a painter and Marc has always had a keen interest for art. He got a job working in a bronze casting factory where he further developed the skills necessary for his art work. Whilst he was working in the factory, he attended nightschool. He eventually gave up working to become a full-time artist.

His biggest sculpture stands at 3 metres 75 cm and stands in the middle of a roundabout in Meerssen.

He has also sold a sculpture to the firm Essent, which they plan to use in their new building. In the meantime, they have lent the sculpture to the Government in Maastricht.

Marc's main interest is sculpting, but after breaking his back, he was unable to sculpt for a while, so he took to using a computer to design his work, which he then turned into paintings afterwards. He concentrates on figurative as opposed to abstract art, but there is no specific theme to his paintings.

One painting which caught our eye was of a plane crashing into a tree. Marc explains "There is something quite sinister about this painting, especially if you notice the eyes in the tree. The painting will obviously remind people of the tragedy of September 11th in New York, but was painted in March / April 2001, well before this event".

Since Marc has recovered from his injury, he has turned many of his paintings into sculptures. These sculptures can fetch anything from Nlg 2000 to Nlg 35,000 depending on their size.

It is very expensive to buy the materials to make these sculptures and consequently Marc has had to return to working in the factory a few days a week. However, this also gives him the opportunity to use the equipment at the factory for making his moulds.

Marc explained the procedure he follows to make a sculpture. Firstly he carves a wax model. This is then wrapped in plaster cast and placed in an oven where the wax melts off and he is left with a ceramic cast. The bronze is then poured into this cast.

Marc has an exhibition in Binglerade (Galeridelaar) planned for April this year and another in Grave (Galerie de Rog), Nijmegen in September.

You can see more of Marc's work on his website


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